Milk collection

Collecting milk from farmers plays an important role in the logistics of milk processing. We have a large number of specialised vehicles for this technically complex task. We place great emphasis on accurate measurements, which are a crucial factor when transporting milk.

The story of Forbiz began with the collection and transportation of raw milk from farms scattered all over Slovenia. The service we provide is subject to extremely high hygiene standards but we have proven ourselves to be a trusted specialised partner for liquid transport for more than 30 years. We collect and deliver milk for Mlekop, GPZ and Ljubljanske mlekarne. We collect and transport more than 130 million litres of milk a year from more than 500 farms. At each farm, milk is automatically sampled, which ensures regular monitoring and continuous quality control.

  • The service runs every day, 365 days a year, with no exceptions.
  • We use high-quality equipment supplied by Schwarte-Jansky, the leading German manufacturer of tanks and measuring systems for milk transport.
  • Once the raw milk is collected, the temperature and collection time are recorded and analysed using specialised Cloud-based software.
  • Customer identification is fully automated using GPS technology.
  • Both individual and overall milk samples are taken automatically at each collection point, ensuring efficient, accurate and reliable milk collection.
  • Our specialised logistics centre provides a complete service, including transfer and loading, storage, and sampling for the transportation of milk to customers abroad.

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