Silo transport

We are specialists in the safe and efficient transport of a wide range of materials in silo trucks throughout Europe. Our services are designed to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries, where transport and storage reliability is required.

In 2022, we acquired a majority stake in Preza, a company with over 30 years experience in the transportation of bulk cargo in silo trucks. Their services have always been characterised by professionalism and punctuality. This acquisition has made us a reliable partner in this area as well. With Preza’s wealth of knowledge and experience, Forbiz will be able to continue its long-standing relationship with satisfied customers.

  • Our tipping tankers have a capacity of 60 m³.
  • Loading is performed either by free fall through openings with a diameter of 450 mm or by pneumatic loading using type A fire extinguisher connectors (size 100 mm).
  • The vehicles are equipped with air-cooled screw compressors and are GMP+ certified for the transport of feed and feed products.

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