Liquid food transport and silo transport

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Food tankers

We are valued by logistics operators across Europe for the hygienic, fast and reliable transport of milk, oils (palm, coconut etc.), chocolate, glucose and fructose syrups, ADR-3-category liquids, such as wine, wine distillates, spirits and ethanol.

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Silo transport

We are specialists in the safe and efficient transport of a wide range of materials in silo trucks throughout Europe. Our services are designed to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries, where transport and storage reliability is required.

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Milk collection

Collecting milk from farmers plays an important role in the logistics of milk processing. We have a large number of specialised vehicles for this sensitive task. We place great emphasis on accurate measurements, which are a crucial factor when transporting milk.

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Tank cleaning station

Our logistics centre has a certified truck tank cleaning facility. It is located in Naklo, Slovenia, just after the exit from the E61 motorway that connects Ljubljana and the Karavanke tunnel.

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Transport across Europe

Our strategic location is a great benefit to our clients. Based in Slovenia, between Ljubljana and the Karavanke Tunnel, we are practically in the middle of Europe. This exceptional location gives us easy access to the most important European trade routes. Just a stone’s throw from Vienna and Trieste, we are your bridge to expanding your business throughout the region.

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